Sunday, February 13, 2011

Green Salad with Orange and Fennel

My mom has taught and inspired me how to make gourmet salads. She is the best and makes a gourmet salad for herself almost every day for lunch.

I am not always a fan of fennel but it works great in a salad with oranges. Both fennel and oranges are easy to come by and inexpensive when in season.

To make this salad use what ever greens you like, spinach, baby greens or just good old romaine. Beet leaves, sorrel, mustard greens or chard would also probably be great on their own or mixed in. Mix in sliced fennel and cut up orange segments and chopped green onion. To top off use a slightly sweetened olive oil white vinegar dressing with mustard seeds.

I was inspired by this recipe from
Green Salad with Orange, Fennel and Asparagus

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